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When we become active participants with whatever life presents us, choosing to feel and move through each moment more fully, we transcend each layer with a sense of grace. ♥

Yoga Classes

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Group Classes

Through in-studio classes, get ready to feel less cluttered by increasing flexibility while embracing radical presence and a heartfelt connection to your authentic self. Occupy your body with compassion and power through a combination of fluidity and rhythm while moving with more ease.

Private Classes

Tailored to your needs, balance your mind and body through precise cues and pose breakdowns while stretching and releasing tension. You will learn safe alignment while activating and building muscle awareness encouraging fluid movement. 

“Shahad is one the kindest people you’ll ever meet with a very warm and loving heart! She’s willing to do her utmost to help in any way she possibly can , especially during her yoga sessions. She is very attentive and encouraging to all her clients and I would highly recommend any of Shahad’s yoga sessions, whether you are a beginner or advanced she will guide you. She has taught me many helpful tips through her sessions which I have taken with me and incorporated into my daily routine. Not only does Shahad teach yoga flows , she has a wonderful gift for Reiki healing too. Love her flows, energy and always looking forward to the next session!”

– Kandré Mellet


Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates

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